Industrial gloves, which ECOTECH produces and sells, boasts its world best quality based
on the core technology of the personal protective equipment (PPE) market that protects individuals
from various industrial accidents such as hand cut injury, physical shock, chemical pollution,
radiation exposure on industrial sites.

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All products of ECO-TECH are eco-friendly products that do not contain any harmful substances such as DMF and various toxic and carcinogenic substances.
We have developed non-toxic Eco-Friendly gloves with continuous research and investment since foundation and acquired the patent (No. 10-1531553), and we are introducing the world’s best products that combined eco-friendly coating resin + anti-bacterial/antibody technology through the technical cooperation with Polygiene AB company in Sweden.



Poly-Urea Coating Resin R&D

Poly-Urea Eco-Friendly Coating Gloves R&D

Poly-Urea Coating Machine R&D

Installed and tested No.1 Poly-Urea Coating Machine (monthly production capacity 300,000pair)

Completed development of Poly-Urea Eco-Friendly Coating Gloves

Poly-Urea Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Produced No. 2 Poly-Urea Coating Machine (monthly production capacity 500,000 pairs)

Poly-Urea Coating Method Patent No. 10-1531553

Produced No.1~2 Poly-Urea Coating Top Machine (monthly production capacity 800,000 pairs)

Established ECO-TECH Corporation ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certification

Polygiene antibacterial detection test antibacterial rate (99.90%)

IMSL (ISO, JIS standard test)


Venture Business Certification (Small Business Promotion Corporation)

Safety gloves – Environmentally friendly coated gloves EN388 4,3,4,4

Safety gloves – Eco-friendly coated gloves EN388 4,5,4,4

DMF (dimethyl formamide) FREE TEST – not detected (BS EN 16778)

Cutting Resistance Safety Gloves Test (ANSI-ISEA 105: 2016, KATRI) Level A8 ~ A9 (knitting safety gloves obtained the highest cutting strength in the world)

Patent Application No. 10-2017-0074086


Entered ANSI CUT-9 Gloves supply contract with “Panasonic” in Japan

Patent No. 10-1890566

Our motto to produce the best quality gloves Promises that
we try the best to support you for the successful business

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  • We consider customers first, produce and supply only the best products.
  • We produce and supply cutting-edge Work Gloves to all over the world
    in step with the era of information, specialization and diversification.
  • We supply eco-friendly products at reasonable prices and services based
    on advanced technology and reliability to consumers around the world.
  • We lead technological innovation and new product development in global
    market through continuous investment of R&D.
  • We focus on customer satisfaction management and corporate‘s social responsibility
    and fulfill our responsibilities as a company that contributes to the development of the local community.


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  • We will become a “global small hidden champion” leading the market by producing cutting-edge gloves with added value.
  • We provide new vitality to the hollowed domestic glove market and present a new growth model for the entire industry.
  • We play a role of a game changer in the global glove market through continuous technology innovation and new product development.
  • We aim to be a 100-year-old longevity company that contributes to the development of the nation including environment-friendly management, right path management and employment-led growth management.